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About Sinvac

The group has been in existence since Feb 2004. It all started with Sinvac Plastics and R 2.5 million turnover per annum. Sinvac Plastics has been in existence since 1962. Techniloy was converted to a pipe manufacturing company in 2008 and became Sinvac Piping in July 2014. Sinvac Mining & Engineering was started in 2008 and developed into 5 business units operating on maintenance, projects, steel and plastic fabrication. Sinvac SA was split out from Mining & Engineering in 2018.

SINVAC Operation Triangle

Our Divisions

HDPE Piping Systems

SINVAC Piping is an original equipment manufacturer of SABS approved HDPE Solid Wall Pipe and HDPE Spiral Pipe. We are a Single Source HDPE Solution Company.

HDPE Fabrication

SINVAC Mining & Engineering handle the fabrication and supply of all HDPE fittings such as HDPE stubs, flanges,  fabricated bends, pulled bends, moulded fittings, laterals, T-pieces and crosses.

HDPE Installation Projects

SINVAC Mining & Engineering handle numerous HDPE Installation Projects, both in-plant and overland, from design phase through to the pressure testing and sign-off of the pipeline.


SINVACLITE™ represents the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technology by combining raw material properties and product technology to provide a light-weight engineered pipe.

Roto Plastic Products

SINVAC Plastics is a manufacturer of Plastic Rotomoulded products such as Water tanks, Septic Tanks, Hoppers, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Lockers, Plastic Pallets, Pontoons etc.

Product Development

SINVAC has a product development team that can assist you with design, expertise, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of new rotomoulded products.

Sinvac Companies

Sinvac Plastics

Sinvac Plastics is the most experienced rotomoulder in South Africa and was established in 1962. We supply a wide range of high quality plastic rotomoulded items and accessories.

Sinvac Piping

Sinvac Piping manufactures SABS HDPE, HDPE and LDPE pressure pipe under SABS accreditation and supply brackets, stubs, bends, tee’s, flanges and fittings to a wide variety of industries.

Sinvac Companies

Sinvac Mining & Engineering

Sinvac Mining & Engineering was established end 2007 to operate from the manufacturing platform created by Sinvac Piping, Sinvac Plastics  and Johannesburg Foundry.

Sinvac Development Trust

More than just the corporate social investment activities of the Sinvac Investments (Pty) Ltd group. Giving back and serving within the range of The Sinvac Group’s product and service solutions.

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