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About Sinvac

The group has been in existence since Feb 2004. It all started with Sinvac Plastics and R 2.5 million turnover per annum. Sinvac Plastics has been in existence since 1962. Techniloy was converted to a pipe manufacturing company in 2008 and became Sinvac Piping in July 2014. Sinvac Mining & Engineering was started in 2008 and developed into 5 business units operating on maintenance, projects, steel and plastic fabrication. Sinvac SA was split out from Mining & Engineering in 2018.

Our Divisions

HDPE Piping Systems

SINVAC Piping is an original equipment manufacturer of SABS approved HDPE Solid Wall Pipe and HDPE Spiral Pipe. We are a Single Source HDPE Solution Company.

HDPE Fabrication

SINVAC Mining & Engineering handle the fabrication and supply of all HDPE fittings such as HDPE stubs, flanges,  fabricated bends, pulled bends, moulded fittings, laterals, T-pieces and crosses.

HDPE Installation Projects

SINVAC Mining & Engineering handle numerous HDPE Installation Projects, both in-plant and overland, from design phase through to the pressure testing and sign-off of the pipeline.

Plastic Products

SINVAC Plastics is a manufacturer of Plastic Rotomoulded products such as Water tanks, Septic Tanks, Hoppers, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Lockers, Plastic Pallets, Pontoons etc.

Product Development

SINVAC has a product development team that can assist you with design, expertise, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of new rotomoulded products.

Doing Our Part

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