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SINVACLITE™ represents the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technology by combining raw material properties and product technology to provide a light-weight engineered pipe.


SINVAC has the capacity to manufacture and supply SINVACLITEwith ID range 300mm to 1500mm and ring stiffness of 4kN/m2 or 8kN/m2 at very competitive prices.  HDPE Structured Wall Pipe represents the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technology. Raw material properties and product technology have been combined to provide a light-weight engineered pipe for various gravity and low-pressure applications in the municipal, industrial and road construction, rehabilitation and marine pipeline applications.


SINVAC offers custom fabricated HDPE Manholes for a variety of applications. Manufactured from a combination of high quality Solid-wall and SINVACLITE™ pipe. SINVACLITE™ Manholes are resistant to root ingress, preventing contamination to surrounding groundwater and providing a watertight structure that delivers an extended life expectancy, making them suited for sewer and stormwater applications.

Jointing Methods

SINVACLITE™ Coupling and Seal Jointing Method

The SINVACLITE™ Coupling and Seal joint can be delivered as sand tight and water tight with the rubber seal. The rubber seal conforms to international standards and is resistant to normal storm and sewerage waters.

Jointing must always be carried out in accordance with sound civil practice.

Extrusion Weld Jointing Method

Approved for Dolomite Land

  • Hot Gas Extrusion Welded Joints, are 100% leak proof.
  • HDPE systems are also referred to as “Jointless Systems”, thus guaranteeing no leaks.
  • Perfectly suitable for Dolomite Land.
  • The machine self feed the filler material and is used for various HDPE joining applications and fabrication.

Approved Hot Gas Extrusion

Welded Joints In accordance with:  SANS 10268-1

HDPE Sleeve Jointing Method

SINVAC manufactures the HDPE Sleeve in-house. We then extrusion weld the one end onto the first Structured Wall Pipe. The second pipe is then inserted into the HDPE Sleeve on-site and is also extrusion welded to form a watertight joint.

HDPE vs Concrete

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