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HDPE Projects

Sinvac successfully supplies HDPE Pipes and Associated Fittings into Africa.

Sinvac supplied 80km’s of HDPE pipes and 2830 fabricated fittings into the DRC over a period of 6 months.

Sinvac effectively completes another HDPE In-Plant Piping Project.

Manufacture, Fabricate, Installation and Commissioning of the HDPE pipes and associated fittings.

Yet another Overland HDPE Piping project completed by the dedicated Sinvac Project team.

Over 14km’s of HDPE Pipes installed by Sinvac along with the earthworks and civils related to the overland piping system.

Sinvac now has their own in-house Polymer Laboratory.

Sinvac has a World-class Quality Control System in place to produce great quality HDPE products!

Sinvac’s product range expands to include Structured Wall HDPE Pipes (Spiral Pipes).

Sinvac now has the ability to manufacture Structured Wall HDPE Pipes from 300mm – 1200mm both 4KN/m2 and 8KN/m2.

Sinvac successfully completes yet another HDPE Installation Project for the Water purification industry.

Sinvac provides a Single Source Solution to all HDPE needs from Manufacture through to commissioning.

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