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About Sinvac

We are the most experienced plastic rotomoulder in South Africa! We have been the industry experts since 1962. Our dedicated team of engineers, employees and BEE shareholders work together to give you a complete plastic solution, outstanding quality rotomoulded products, committed and reliable service. Our established track record has resulted in loyal customers becoming friends.

Our factory and office are situated in Pretoria-West on the original Sinvac site that now host The Sinvac Group. We are proud of our history and our dynamic team have kept up to date with the latest innovations. The original order book is still on display in our office! Our humble start of 50 moulds have grown to an impressive 350 moulds and we are adding to the range with bespoke solutions. Our continuous commitment to innovations turns complex problems into cost-effective plastic rotomoulded product solutions.

We are able to deliver large volume contracts and small orders with the same high standards to ensure that our impeccable quality, systems, services, methods, internal audits, quality control ultimately results in satisfied customers. We value an honest open relationship with our customers and our pro-active approach has made us a trusted industry partner. We may be plastic but we have a heart and soul.

Why Sinvac

Our Products Include

Sinvac Plastics is your single source solution.  Water tanks, Septic Tanks, Hoppers, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Lockers, Plastic Pallets, Pontoons, Aquaculture, Electroplating tanks, Rectangular bins, Waste bins, Step tanks, Chemical containers, Fuel Tanks, Fittings, Rain Water Harvesting and Emergency Water Supply. We supply a comprehensive range of additional services from installation to fittings to stands.

Our Competitive Advantages

Complete innovative plastic solutions. Develop from idea to product (custom products). Quality mindset from start to finish. Over 350 moulds to cater to your every need. State of the art equipment. Single source solution: design, moulding, milling, compounding, rotomoulding, finishing done on site. Goal orientated, motivated team. Years of experience & expertise. Problem solving is in our genes, we prevent them and fix them with absolute transparency. Our biggest asset is our incredible staff, without them we would not be able to provide solutions and excellent service. We don’t just sell items, we make sure you are completely satisfied with your product.

What We Specialise In

Quality manufactured plastic rotomoulded goods. Finding complete solutions.  Single source partner in your project – no matter how big or small. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. Rotomoulding is done with Polyethylene (PE) and not limited to watertanks.  The plastic is melted until it takes the shape of a mould, the mould is heated in an oven and orated until the melted plastic covers the inside of the mould.  The process is simple but takes years to master, complex shapes can be transformed into cost-effective rotomoulded products.


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