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Roto Plastic Products

Aqua Culture

Our rectangular or round tubs in various sizes from 500 – 2800L are widely used in aquaculture and hydroponics. Our rectangular bins are perfect for perlemoen farming and transport of the goods. Water tanks, pipes, pumps, fittings and ancillary products are also available.

Bins & Trays

Our bins and trays are available in various sizes. Bins ranging from 27 – 4200L. Stacking Bins with lids from 10 – 720L. Nesting bins from 30 – 410L. They are used in multiple industries, contact us with your requirements. Taps and connectors can be installed to your requirements.


Various sizes of Spinwelds, Ball Valves, Brass Ball Valves, Nipples, Gate Valves, Tank Connectors, Stopcocks, Hose Adaptors, Screwcaps wit Thread and Rubber Seals, Manholes with Seals, Handles, Plugs and Pumps are available. We also offer installation and repair services.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel and water tanks in various sizes and shapes. 28 – 560L. Wall thickness of tanks can be increased depending on your need.


25 – 5000L Hoppers for agricultural use. Angle of cone controls the feed. Our PPE is food safe. We also build custom stands depending on your request.

Intermediate Chemical Containers

Containers for transport of chemicals. New or recycled frames. Thickness of wall can be adjusted for the specific content. Our team of dedicated staff can advise you on the recommended thickness for the end use of the container.


Our maintenance-free lockers for food / clothing / sports and locker room furniture can be custom made into your company colours.  These lockers will never dent, rust or need a coat of paint.  Soft closing, easy to assemble and smooth surfaces prevent bacteria growth. These easy to install modular units with custom stands will always look neat.


Our plastic pallets are made from HDPE or PP plastic material that are UV stabilized.  Dimensionally stable, weather and chemical resistant.  They are lightweight compared to their wooden counter parts and no splinters / nails.  Cargo protectors are an integral part to any transport and logistics.  Our range of dollies from small to industrial size will meet your every need.


These water tight floats in various sizes providing buoyancy and are used in various industries. Buoyancy is the force acting opposite the direction of gravity that affects all objects submerged in a fluid. When an object is place in a fluid, the object’s weight pushes down on the fluid (liquid or gas) while an upward buoyancy force pushes upward on the object, acting against gravity. Buoyancy certificates for all our pontoons are available.

Step, Digester & Horizontal Tanks

A digester tank is a key component of any septic system.  Our tanks can be used above or below ground.  Septic tanks for 4 – 17 people. 100 – 1000L for horizontal tanks. 650 – 1500L for horizontal tanks with legs.  Step tanks from 120 – 500L

Tanks with straight sides

Ranging from 22 – 4500L, these tanks with enclosed sides or with loose lids are used in chemical tanks, liquid tanks and for blending.  They are often referred to in the industry as open top bins or open top tanks.  These tanks are stackable and can be made in food safe material.

Traffic Management

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-transport and store road barriers and traffic cones provides a modern cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete barriers.  Cones in various sizes can be used for all road traffic, construction, safety, cordoning off restricted areas and crowd management.  These are best-sellers in mining, construction and road traffic management tenders.  Highly visible and can be made into your colour of choice.  Weight of barriers can be controlled by filling with water or sand.

Waste Bins

Aesthetically pleasing bins to keep the environment clean and assist with waste management.  Our bins can be made in any colour, ideal for recycling, waste management and corporate branding.  Low maintenance alternatives to traditional bins.

Water Tanks

Our water tanks range from 300 – 10000L.  Water tanks are no longer a luxury.  We live in a water scarce country and rainwater harvesting, grey water systems, emergency water supply, irrigation and storing of water are essential to any industry and household. They can be made in various colours to blend into the environment.  Our popular slimline tank is ideal for household use without taking up too much space.

Other Products

Our water roller, plastic wheelbarrows with containers, post boxes, bat houses, pool covers are some of the more unusual items.  Plastic is a durable, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, light-weight alternative to almost anything you can think of.  Multipurpose, durable, easy to clean, your own brand or corporate colour provide easy to handle alternatives.

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