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SINVAC delivers!

Have you recently seen one of Sinvac’s delivery vehicles on the road?  At Sinvac we control our customer experience from beginning to end by bringing all our Logistics in-house. When our business was in its infancy, outsourcing the majority of our Logistics was likely necessary in order to accommodate our growth, but Sinvac is in a mature and stable growth stage.  The time was ready to bring all Sinvac Logistics in-house to have better control over productivity and lead times.  Productivity during loading of delivery vehicles and overall lead times with the freedom to brand our delivery vehicles and strengthen the Sinvac brand everywhere we go!  Increased control driven by our Customer Centricity leading to better management of our Customers’ Expectations.  We control the customer experience from beginning to end;  from preparing the quotation to delivering the product and/or service according to our customers’ unique requirements!

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Handling, Loading & Transportation


Smaller and lighter size pipes can be handled by hand. Larger size pipes should be handled by machinery.



When machinery is used to load and offload the larger size pipes, a lifting strap should be used and not a cable or chain.


When transporting nested pipes, the smaller pipes should be offloaded first and piled separately.


Lifting points should be evenly spaced and well spread. Never drop the pipes or manholes.


When pipes of different sizes are transported, the heaviest lengths should be loaded first.

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