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SINVAC Group Vision

To be the preferred one-stop supplier of HDPE pipes, fabricated plastic solutions, piping projects and related products in Africa.

SINVAC Group Mission

The SINVAC mission is to be the preferred supplier of HDPE piping systems and related products in Africa. This competitive position is derived from its customer centricity, ability to provide an all-inclusive solution from pipes to installed projects and a world class service level.  SINVAC is an OEM for most of its products and manufacture and supply its products in a structured way with innovative, enthusiastic team players.

SINVAC Business Structure

SINVAC Business Structure

  • Abacus Trust:
  • Abacus Polymers:
  • Sinvac Development Trust:

Property and Share Trust
Polymers Feed and Colour Compounding
Utilised for Social Investment

Abacus Trust: Property and Share Trust
Abacus Polymers: Polymers Feed and Colour Compounding
Sinvac Development Trust: Utilised for Social Investment




We are here because of our customers…

We value potential…

  • And we are a high performance business and always see the potential to do better.

Our attitude sets us apart…

  • We can and have positive energy.
  • We are in it to win-win it never give up and always have a plan.


  • We do what we promise.
  • We deliver completed work and we do not pass it onto someone else or wait.
  • We take responsibility for our results and learn from our mistakes.

The right people...

  • Are our most important assets and we back them for a win.
  • Individual and collective contributions make the difference.
  • Bad patches do not last but the right people do.


  • To do the right things right.

Doing Our Part

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